Endorsement of David Contract for Town Council!

I Endorse David Contract, Ward 3 Town Council Candidate


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I write with enthusiastic support for David Contract for Town Council in Ward 3. I have known Dave for 19 years and am confident he would be an exceptional councilman. Dave is among the most efficient, action-oriented people I know. This, combined with an innate inclination to help others, a consistent flow of creative and smart ideas, and a truly unrelenting energy, make Dave uniquely well suited to positively impact our town as a councilman.

In graduate school, where we first met, Dave was notable for the fact he managed to graduate top of the class but did so while also being among the most actively engaged in the community. In starting a business together years later, I learned firsthand how naturally creative Dave is in developing and implementing ideas that have real impact. Through his friendship over the past two decades, I’ve come to know Dave as one who can always be counted on, who is true to his word, and who listens openly to different perspectives.

The election of David Contract for Westfield town council would be a huge win for the town.


Tony Shurman

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