Westfield Should Fix Its Sidewalks

Another major concern that voters in Ward 3 have shared with me is the quality of our town’s sidewalks. This is a key component of road and pedestrian safety. The reason is that most of our children walk to school along with the many residents who jog, walk their dogs or walk anywhere in town including to the train station, downtown or just down the street to a neighbor’s house.

Many sidewalks are in poor, uneven condition, which is is made worse at night. I’ve noticed it myself as I’ve campaigned throughout Ward 3. And one voter even shared pictures of his “ripped up” toe caused by an uneven sidewalk.

Westfield can do better. Here’s what I’ll advocate for if I’m elected to Town Council:

Restore Westfield’s sidewalk repair cost-sharing program. Prior to 2009, Westfield offered a 50/50 cost-sharing sidewalk repair program that residents could apply for. But it was eliminated during the recession. Times have changed and Westfield now has a $12.5mm budgetary surplus. I’ll advocate during the 2018 budgeting process that Westfield restore this sidewalk repair cost-sharing program as another major step toward improving road and pedestrian safety in Ward 3 and across Westfield.

Working together, we can find cost-effective solutions like restoring the sidewalk repair cost-sharing program to improve road and pedestrian safety. So please vote Contract for Council for Ward 3 on Nov. 7. And feel free to share your thoughts or ideas by emailing me at david@contractforwestfield.com or PM me at Facebook.com/contractforwestfield. Thanks.

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  • David Contract
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