Wonderful meet n greets with voters


I've attended two wonderful meet n greets with voters in Ward 3 over the past two weeks organized by Ayse Wronski, Lisa Stern Wolf and Donna Perch. These events were a great opportunity for me to listen to the issues on the minds of voters and to share my plans to bring "Fresh Ideas and a Proactive Approach" to town government. Nearly all voters I've met both at meet n' greets and on door-to-door desire change, especially related to rejuvenating our downtown, fixing our roads/sidewalks and making our streets safer. And, voters have been very enthusiastic about my vision for a more fiscally smart, and proactive solutions that address these issues and drives positive change in town.

Let me know if you'd like to hold a meet n' greet with your friends/neighbors. You can message me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/contractforwestfield OR email david@contractforwestfield.com.


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