Endorsement of David Contract by Marty Rothfelder

WESTFIELDLEADERLOGO1000PX.pngThis letter to the editor by Marty Rothfelder endorsing David Contract for Westfield Town Council in Ward 3 was originally published in the April 20, 2017 Westfield Leader. Mr. Rothfelder previously ran for Town Council in Ward 3.

Dear Editor:

Allow me to take this opportunity to express my enthusiastic support for the David Contract, Democratic candidate for Westfield Town Council in Ward 3. David is the real deal. Not only will he lead in moving Westfield forward, he already has.

David is the main reason Westfield now has a partial downtown smoking ban. He raised the issue, researched the dangers of secondhand smoke, talked to other residents, and presented a proposal to the Town Council. Last November, the Council adopted an outdoor cafe ordinance ensuring a smoke-free and healthy eating experience for residents, visitors and employees.

David, along with his wife, Valerie Latona, created Westfield’s Wall (of Love), at the corner of their property at Shackamaxon and Rahway, upon which residents have placed almost 300 hearts. We need to have love and civility in the policy discussion and societal interactions in Westfield, and beyond. Westfield’s and its leaders should provide an example, and David and his family already have.

David is also engaged in the community and its life. He has two children in the Westfield Public Schools (and a 3rd one on the way), volunteers as an official at local YMCA swim meets, and has coached his son‘s basketball and baseball teams. He and his family are members of Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Summit, where David teaches in children’s religious education classes.

David has also excelled in the business world. He has led the marketing teams for well-known brands such as Chips Ahoy, Dr. Scholl’s, Milk-Bone, and NUK. His work on these brands is 100% what Westfield’s Town Council needs – listening to consumers or voters, developing new ideas, building consensus and implementing them. He has moved these brands forward and can do the same for Westfield.

Perhaps most important, he has passion. It is impossible to have a conversation with him and not observe his passion for advancing Westfield, whether it is energizing the downtown, improving children’s programs and facilities, or opening the dialogue in our town government. He is also encouraging a dialogue on parking and insists the Town Council should exercise leadership on this tough issue.

Davis is unopposed in the primary on June 6, so I can’t wait to elect him on November 7.


Marty Rothfelder

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