Making Things Better As Your Ward 3 Town Councilman

Since launching my campaign for Town Council Ward 3, voter after voter has told me they want change in Westfield to make it an even better place to live—for them and their families. They want a more proactive government that addresses the key issues on their minds including our downtown, our roads and town safety. And these Westfield residents want a Council representative who is there to listen to their concerns and respond.

My focus will be to ensure that these issues are addressed proactively. This is what I’ve done throughout my 25-year business career at Kraft, Merck and Merrill Lynch -- challenge the status quo, develop ideas on how to make things better, implement them proactively and measure their impact. I’ll do the same if I am elected to the Westfield Town Council.

And I’ll create an era of proactive, two-way communication in Ward 3 so residents know their voices count. Voters will be able to reach me 24-7 – via text, email, phone or in-person. Plus, voters will hear from me regularly with updates on the Town Council and with surveys so I know what’s on their mind.

I’d love to start this two-way dialogue now. Feel free to contact me anytime at or on my ContractforWestfield Facebook page. 


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