Endorsement by Former Ward 3 Councilman Dave Haas

I'm proud to receive the below endorsement from Ward 3's former Councilman Dave Haas published in the TAP Into Westfield on Sept 14. Dave was my neighbor for 10 years and knows that I share many of the qualities that made him a successful Ward 3 Councilman including challenging the status quo, seeking out new solutions, listening before making decisions, and proactively leading. See below for Dave's full endorsement letter:

Dear Editor, 

I am endorsing Dave Contract for councilman of the third ward of Westfield. Dave was a neighbor of mine for many years. I know that he has the qualities it takes be a great councilman. I remember walking my dog down to the corner, bumping into Dave, and chatting with him about issues. His ideas and his questions showed that he cared about Westfield and respected the people in it.

Having represented the third ward for nine years, I have a sense of what makes a good councilman. A councilman doesn’t come to council with all of the answers. New issues and opportunities arise. A good councilman should be able to listen to all sides of an issue and gather information before making a decision. The councilman should be proactive and take initiative in finding the best solution for the town and their constituents, while working closely with others on and off the council to get things done. You’ve seen the evidence that Dave can do these things in the smoking ban for the sidewalk cafes that he spearheaded and worked with the council to get implemented this year. 

A great councilman knows that we need continual improvement to keep the town ahead of problems, efficient and moving forward. We shouldn’t rest on “it’s the way we’ve always done it” but should be constantly asking “what is the best way” to pick up leaves or pave roads. As a brand marketer for 20 years who launches new products and promotions, Dave understands this because he uses it in his everyday work.

Dave was a great neighbor when I lived on Shackamaxon, and I know he’ll be a great councilman if you’ll give him your vote. 

Dave Haas

Former 3rd Ward Councilman


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