Two More Endorsements from Ward 3 Residents

I'm proud to announce I received two more endorsements from long-time Ward 3 residents -- Jill Brown and Jay Goldring. Both appeared in The Leader on May 4, 2017. The full text of each endorsement is below:

Jill Brown:

My name is Jill (Lau) Brown and I live on Stoneleigh Park with my three children. Not only am I lucky enough to be raising my family here, but I also had the privilege of growing up in Westfield and enjoying all this town has to offer. My parents, two sisters, four brothers and I grew up on St. Marks Avenue and have been extremely active in the community for many years.

The first thing I want everyone to know about Dave Contract is that he is one of the most enthusiastic, passionate, positive and caring individuals that I know. I have had the pleasure of getting to know.

Dave as a father, a neighbor, a businessman and a citizen of this community. Not only is Dave extremely smart (Princeton University graduate), but he is one of these rare people that is interested in issues that affect others. He is creative, persistent and he gets things done. As a businessman, Dave asks questions and he listens. He strategizes to address issues, drive economic growth and he makes decisions that have brought considerable upsides to his organization.

Dave loves Westfield and all that it has to offer. Dave’s focus is on being proactive and taking action to address issues facing Westfield. He does this everyday in his marketing career – where he listens to his consumers, and devises strategies and plans to address their issues and drive growth on his brands. He’ll do this for Westfied too.

One key to this is how David will do this. David will listen and engage everyone in Ward 3. I know Dave and this is his nature – to listen, to ask questions, to makes sure you’re involved. This is what Ward 3 needs. Our current councilman is “invisible.” 

Our downtown is one of the most important features of this town. It is time we had someone with “fresh ideas” and a “proactive approach.” The downtown needs to be re-energized and the town government hasn’t sufficiently led on this issue. I attempted to address the need for recycling garbage cans for the town four years ago and I couldn’t get any support.

The fact that the town council is issuing a report during an election year is too little/ too late, not to mention filled with several ideas that many in the town have been trying to get done for years now.

If you want to know more about Dave, stop by my home or call me at (781) 820-6629.

Jay Goldring:

Those of us unhappy with the direction both our local and national leaders are taking have a clear choice in this year’s Town Council elections. In the Third Ward, that choice is David Contract. For too long, issues important to town residents have been neglected, and Dave’s background in marketing will enable him to identify those issues, engage residents to identify solutions through innovative communication tools and drive results. He does this every day in his career managing brands.

Examples of neglected issues in Westfield include bicycle safety, pedestrian safety and the environment. The latest downtown task force report recommends greater bicycle access to downtown but this is not a new idea: despite over 10 years of citizen involvement through the biking committee, downtown design committees and grassroots activists in groups such as BRAKES, our town has yet to see one bike lane and the only bicycle racks downtown are at the train station.

Similarly, the environmental page on the town website, “Going for the Green,” is clearly outdated: it promotes a grant obtained in 2013 and lists a town planner who left in 2015 as a member of the “Green Team.” Dave will work to ensure town residents’ voices are heard and are enlisted in the process to drive positive change in Westfield. I have known David and his family for years and feel he is the right candidate at the right time for Westfield.

Vote for a change in Westfield this November. Vote for David Contract.

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